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Research shows that taking parental leave and working flexibly can expose you to unintended biases that can impact your career goals. It’s a systemic issue, but our strategies, guidance and support ensure you keep in touch and remain visible to keep your career on track.

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November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and marks the start of the ‘16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence’, an annual international campaign which calls for the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls.

Sarah Giblin

Senior HR Advisor at the Department of Communities and Justice, and a mother of three, Sarah Giblin has had years to learn how to balance home and work. Here, Sarah opens up about taking the time to think big, learning to squash the guilt, and how knowing her value helps her stay present - no matter what room she is in.

Person typing on a desk at home

In 2017, the Pew Research Center sat down with 4573 Americans and asked them to list three adjectives to describe how men and women should and shouldn’t be. The questionnaire revealed positive attributes for a woman included ‘kindness’, ‘compassion’ and ‘responsibility’.

woman working on lounge with laptop, while daughter jumps on lounge next to her

The pandemic has disproportionately impacted women in the workforce - so can we tackle gendered expectations at work and home?

Neuroscientist and author, Dr. Sarah McKay, debunks the ‘baby brain’ myth and explains how mothers can use neuroscience to empower themselves.

Michael Lowe from Transgrid

Spatial Data Analyst at TransGrid, Michael Lowe, shares what he’s learned about flexibility, his parenting legacy, and the art of knowing when to stop listening to unsolicited advice.

In a time of economic precarity and global uncertainty it only becomes more uncomfortable to announce you’re expecting. Here, we reveal our top tips to navigating ‘the conversation’ with your boss.

Woolworths’ Adam Mitchell on Raising Boys

General Manager of Foodco at Woolworths, Adam Mitchell, shares what he’s learned about balancing career and care, raising boys to embody healthy masculinity, and trusting his team to do the right thing.

To renew our energy for the remainder of what has simply been an extraordinary year, we spoke to APAC Inclusion and Diversity Leader at Amazon Web Services, Lauren Jauncey, and Grace Papers executive coach, Amanda Meehan, about how to create a professional vision for the future and why it’s important to have one.

While conversations around women’s health have improved, stigma around pregnancy and miscarriage remains. There is still so much we cannot control around our fertility, however, we can educate ourselves on the facts. Here, we clear up the common fertility myths.

Dr. Emma Fulu appeared to have it all. An international career working for the United Nations, a happy marriage, three children. Here, she opens up about what went wrong and how she found her way to a better place.

As we attempt to thrive - not just survive - in the juggle that is 2020, Grace Papers reveals some small rituals of connection that will have a big impact for parents and children in (or out) of lockdown.

This session put gender stereotypes on the chopping block, exploring the notion of healthy masculinity and how dads can actively dismantle gender inequality through engagement in the household.

You are invited to take part in this short survey to better understand the needs and experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) parents. Your responses to this survey will inform a research report that outlines how organisations can ensure their policy, practice and programs are inclusive of all parents.

'People should just be grateful to have a job,' is the phrase I repeatedly hear when I’ve raised this issue in the past couple of months. Respectfully, I disagree, and believe this type of thinking can further exaggerate gender inequality at work and home, so today, equal pay day, is another reminder to #KeepMindingTheGap.

Live Coaching

Our live coaching events help our community connect and find their voice on issues that matter. Sessions are virtual and feature an inspiring range of professionals and industry leaders who share both their expertise and lived experience, as we address everything from career and care to health and happiness. Best of all, the coaching format invites you to ask your questions too.

If you would like to join us for a live coaching session, please submit your request below and we will be in touch with steps to register.

“I really appreciated the chance to participate in recent Grace Papers online events. It felt like an opportunity to celebrate the workplace flexibility that was being simultaneously experienced by all the participants as a result of the COVID restrictions at the time. Grace Papers and its program has always provided me with the reassurance that ‘I am not alone’ and given me strength to really consider what I want my work to look like after having children.

From these recent events, the question of ‘what sparks joy in your role’ really struck a chord with me. I’ve also thought a lot more about the rituals in my life that are important to me and how best to work with those around me to communicate my needs. It encouraged me to ponder the value of the softer leadership skills in today’s world. I have also thought a lot more about the role models and potential sponsors in my life that can further assist me in working towards a fulfilling return to work.”

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