Employee Experience Platform

Empower workplace culture with the only digital platform that is proven to work, and is trusted by employees and people leaders.

Data driven

By focusing on the right problem, supported by employee insights and feedback, we help you to close gender gaps in pay, progression and leadership.

Tailored to organisation

Co-branding, policy pages, employee stories and interviews with leaders build trust, relevancy and familiarity with your employees.

Self learning

Interactive digital programs, tools, resources and coaching sessions equip working parents and carers with greater confidence, voice and control over their own lives.

Full enterprise solution

People and Culture teams get access to a dedicated expert, quarterly D&I round tables, policy and D&I strategy advice and intelligent reporting and insights to empower culture.

Data to empower better decision making

In addition to platform registration, engagement and activity insights, our technology gathers pulse-survey data from employees as they navigate through programs and resources. Combine this data with trends from coaching sessions and you get game changing insights that guide best-practice workplace policy, processes and practices. This helps you to:

  • Understand employee attitudes towards gender equality and flexibility
  • Provide practical resources for creating a career roadmap and navigating key milestones
  • Empower managers and leaders to drive a culture of flexibility
  • Provide tailored learning: regular pulse surveys create a personalised journey for each employee

Tailored to organisation

Create a sense of relevancy, familiarity and trust with an organisation-wide platform that features co-branding, workplace policies and processes and employees stories. Authorise cultural change and inclusion with CEO and leadership interviews that are expertly designed, conducted and produced.

Your dedicated client relationship manager partners with you to drive internal engagement with the platform and translate data and insights that uncover underlying causes of gender inequality. Use these insights to build diversity and inclusion practices that engage and retain talent, leading to optimised performance outcomes across team and leaders.

Personalised programs for working parents, carers and people leaders

Champion flexibility as the future of work and empower your parents and carers to make conscious decisions about their career. The Grace Papers platform offers expertly designed programs and self-directed learning tools and resources, including:

  • Support for working parents and carers at every stage of their work/life journey to make informed decisions about their career and strike a better balance at home.
  • Empowerment tools that increase employee confidence and psychological safety, and leading to better conversations with leaders about parenting, flexibility and career.
  • Reminders for your people leaders to keep in touch with parents on leave via just-in-time nudges
  • Training for people leaders to role model flexibility, and build trust and accountability in their teams with customised, bite sized training modules.
  • Creating smooth return to work experiences for parental leavers so they can remain confident, flexible and engaged

Proven to work

The Grace Papers Platform is the only award-winning digital platform that has been validated by independent research and supported by The Grace Way Empowerment Model  + Gender Equality System. In collaboration with the Office for Women Victoria and Macquarie University we have proven, for the first time, that when workplaces improve their flexible work arrangements, return to work experiences or parental leave, they can close discrimination gaps and improve workplace gender equality.

“Our partnership with Grace Papers is key to challenging the biases in our systems, and providing practical support to our working parents, especially as they embark on and return to work from parental leave. The Grace Papers Covid-specific program and LIVE coachings delivered during lockdown were a game changer for many of our employees working from home with kids.”

More stories

John Bradley

Secretary, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning VIC

Research into the Grace Papers’ Employee Experience Platform shows:

0 %
of participants gain a better understanding of how to initiate, control and manage their career transitions.
0 %
of participants felt more confident to approach their manager about career related issues including parental leave and flexible work arrangements.

Participants identifying as LGBTIQ or culturally diverse experienced higher gains from the Grace Papers platform & The Grace Way empowerment model.

Build a more equal workplace and create lasting change, today.

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