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Category: Finding Joy in the Juggle

How to mitigate against ‘parental bias’

As parents face mounting pressure juggling their work and caring responsibilities, how do they manage the short term without it impacting their long-term professional goals?

Sarah Giblin

What I’ve Learned: Sarah Giblin on knowing her value

Senior HR Advisor at the Department of Communities and Justice, and a mother of three, Sarah Giblin has had years to learn how to balance home and work. Here, Sarah opens up about taking the time to think big, learning to squash the guilt, and how knowing her value helps her stay present – no matter what room she is in.

Person typing on a desk at home

Keeping In Touch In A Digital World

In 2017, the Pew Research Center sat down with 4573 Americans and asked them to list three adjectives to describe how men and women should and shouldn’t be. The questionnaire revealed positive attributes for a woman included ‘kindness’, ‘compassion’ and ‘responsibility’.