How can workplaces combat gender bias and discrimination in data?


Grace Papers has partnered with the University of Melbourne to create a MicroCert in Gender Bias and Discrimination in Data. Find out how you can apply data in decision making processes at our organisation that is free of gender bias.

Data is becoming increasingly important in the decision making processes at organisations, but it can often unintentionally reinforce gender biases.

Grace Papers is excited to share the new MicroCert in Gender Bias and Discrimination in Data, an oppurtunity to examine and overcome the potential bias hiding in the data at your organisation.

The program has been codesigned by Grace Papers in partnership with leading experts from the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Arts. It will run for 6 weeks, and provides the knowledge to begin examining issues in the participants’ own organisations and help guide them towards making more gender-inclusive data-driven decisions.

Prue Gilbert, CEO at Grace Papers, shared her excitement about the launch of this new program.

“The modern workplace is increasingly reliant upon data to make decisions about everything from products to customer satisfaction to employee experience, and yet the impact of gender bias in our data sets undermines our efforts towards performance, profitability and workforce inclusion,” she explains. “I’m excited to have worked with the University of Melbourne to design a MicroCert that can accelerate our efforts in gender equality.”

Ideal for professionals from any sector, the MicroCert is not just for those in Diversity & Inclusion or People & Culture. The impact data can have on organisational thinking can not be understated, and understanding potential biases appearing in this data is important at all levels of an organisation.

This program adds to the Future of Women at Work series, created by Professor Leah Ruppanner who has shared her expertise on equality in the workplace for numerous Grace Papers Live Coachings. She will also be co-hosting our special Live Coaching event to celebrate the MicroCert launch.

The MicroCert begins 14 February, with enrollments closing on 13 February. So if you’re interested, act fast, and make sure to share with other professionals at your organisationC

You can see more details about the course and sign up on the MicroCert course page.