All Gender Inclusive Approach Opens Doors to Safe Workspaces


Origin Energy’s employees can enjoy a culture of inclusion, respect and understanding with intersex awareness training and all-gender bathrooms.

Earlier this year we looked at how our partner Origin Energy began providing comprehensive gender-affirming support to create a more positive workplace to help create a culture of inclusion, respect and understanding.

Origin’s inclusion journey continued throughout 2021 with the Pride@Origin Committee working on an LGBTQIA calendar of events throughout the year while growing their Ally support network for their people and parents of LGBTQIA children. They have also updated policies, processes, and systems to make them more inclusive.

Dyllyn Tierney, Origin’s Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator, has been part of multiple Pride initiatives and she explains the approach to learning,

“Over the past few years, Origin has started to learn about diverse genders, sexes and sexualities and their individual experiences. We use this term to provide an inclusive approach.

The major focus for 2021 was on two major initiatives: 

  • All Gender Bathrooms in the 321 Exhibition St, Melbourne office.
  • Intersex Awareness Training & Origin signing the Darlington Statement.


All Gender Bathrooms

In 2019, to create a more inclusive and safer workspace, the Pride@Origin committee researched the possibility of All Gender Bathrooms for the DGSS people at Origin. The AWEI Survey Data had favourable responses with 86% of people being comfortable with All Gender Bathrooms alongside traditional gendered bathrooms. 

A Connect, Research, Develop and Consult approach was created bringing together Executive Sponsor for Pride@Origin, Head of Property & Travel, and influential Origin leaders in consultation with Pride in Diversity to consider best practice. 

In September 2021, All Gender Bathrooms became operational in the Melbourne office on levels one, three and five, with communications developed as employees returned to the office.

Photo of the new all-gender bathrooms at Origin's Mellbourne Office

Following the successful implementation, an All-Gender Bathroom Strategy was presented to the Executive Leadership Team to consider the feasibility of a phased approach, for all office locations and regional sites over the next 5 years. 

Dyllyn has been there throughout this whole journey and is now sharing All Gender Bathroom insights and knowledge for other organisations. 

Dyllyn explained: “It’s just a loo, anyone can use it, just like at home, however for some people All gender bathrooms provide a safe and inclusive addition to gendered facilities”.

Intersex Awareness

The next major focus for Pride@Origin was Intersex awareness, with a focus on Origin’s commitment to sign the Darlington Statement.

Dyllyn explains: “As we continue to learn and develop an understanding of experiences that may differ from our own, we reached out to Intersex Human Rights Australia to educate our people on intersex experiences.

Signing the Darlington statement was about Origin supporting intersex led organisations and their communities to improve the lives of intersex people across Australia and New Zealand.”

An Intersex Awareness Training was led by Cody Smith, Senior Projects Officer from Intersex Human Rights Australia where Frank Calabria, Origin’s CEO, announced his support in his opening statement:

“Recently, Origin affirmed the Darlington Statement: recognition of this statement is a strong step towards ensuring this community feels safe and included in our organisation,” said Calabria.

“A conversation today provides us with an opportunity to listen, to learn, and also to contribute to Origin’s ongoing diversity and inclusion journey and our commitment to creating a great place for you to work.”

These major initiatives demonstrate Origin’s ongoing commitment to providing an inclusive workplace where everyone can feel safe and bring their whole selves to work each day.

You can read more about Origin Energy’s commitment to diversity and inclusion on their website and LinkedIn.