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Grace Papers is designed for working parents and caregivers, by working parents and caregivers. We are here to provide you with support, knowledge and confidence – and a vision and plan – for your career ambition, that still gives you the freedom to care for self, care for others and care for the community.

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Research shows that taking parental leave and working flexibly can expose you to unintended biases that can impact your career goals. It’s a systemic issue, but our strategies, guidance and support ensure you keep in touch and remain visible to keep your career on track.

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In Australia, the Fair Work Act permits requests for flexible work arrangements from individuals if they: – are the parent, or have …

Corporate Australia has well and truly adopted the flexible work model for one cohort of employees: working mothers, but how does adopting workplace flexibility continue to penalise mothers?

Every which way you look at it, career progression for women stalls in the "middle years," we ask why.

Prue Gilbert CEO Grace Papers

Looking for tips on how to navigate pregnancy and career? Listen to Prue Gilbert in conversation with Emma and Tess on all things pregnancy and career.

Prue shares we us the importance of returning to our professional vision and values when mother’s guilt strikes.

A new study by Harvard Business School on 25,000 of their alumna reveals that the vast majority of mothers leave the jobs reluctantly and as a last resort. So what can companies do to better represent the interests of working mothers?

Prue takes a look at what changes the government should make to improve Australia’s Paid Parental Leave Policy.

Prue reflects on the ways in which Ellen Pao’s story reflects her own experiences, and the experiences of the many women that Grace Papers works with.

We take a look at some of the crucial mistakes that Cricket Australia continues to make when it comes to gender inequality.

We take a look at the links between women’s economic empowerment and violence against women.

We need to improve Australia’s Paid Parental Leave scheme, here’s how.

Today we celebrate the work of mother, barrister and philanthropist Cherie Blair.

Here’s how to celebrate Valentine’s day as a busy parent.

Whether you’re pregnant, on leave or have returned to work there’s a lot to benefit from doing the Grace Papers program. If …

Yes, you can absolutely breastfeed at work! Australian law provides that if you wish to continue breastfeeding after you return to paid work, …

Live Coaching

Our live coaching events help our community connect and find their voice on issues that matter. Sessions are virtual and feature an inspiring range of professionals and industry leaders who share both their expertise and lived experience, as we address everything from career and care to health and happiness. Best of all, the coaching format invites you to ask your questions too.

If you would like to join us for a live coaching session, please submit your request below and we will be in touch with steps to register.

“I really appreciated the chance to participate in recent Grace Papers online events. It felt like an opportunity to celebrate the workplace flexibility that was being simultaneously experienced by all the participants as a result of the COVID restrictions at the time. Grace Papers and its program has always provided me with the reassurance that ‘I am not alone’ and given me strength to really consider what I want my work to look like after having children.

From these recent events, the question of ‘what sparks joy in your role’ really struck a chord with me. I’ve also thought a lot more about the rituals in my life that are important to me and how best to work with those around me to communicate my needs. It encouraged me to ponder the value of the softer leadership skills in today’s world. I have also thought a lot more about the role models and potential sponsors in my life that can further assist me in working towards a fulfilling return to work.”

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Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Victoria

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