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You’ve put your heart and soul into building your career, establishing networks and growing your potential – how do you protect those assets whilst making room for your life outside of work as a parent or carer? The Grace Papers’ digital coaching platform can help.


Many parents question their worth when returning to the workplace following a period of maternity, paternity or carers leave. Grace Papers is here to help DFFH employees with their transitions.

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So many women sadly start questioning their worth when returning to the workplace following a period of parental leave, we tell you how Grace Papers can help during this difficult time of transition.

DFFH Grace Papers Parents and Carers Hub

We're here to help working parents and carers thrive at DFFH

Navigating career and caring responsibilities is complicated for both women and men. Grace Papers makes it easy with its digital coaching platform and online programs designed to support parents and carers at DFFH

Delivered by gender equity partners Grace Papers, DFFH employees have unlimited access to a range of informative, engaging and empowering coaching programs that support each stage of your career journey, as a working parent or carer.

With customised coaching, courses, tools, tips and strategies for mums, dads and carers of any kind, the Grace Papers signature coaching empower you to make smart decisions about managing work with your life outside of it – so you can get the most out of both.

Who is Grace Papers coaching for

Benefits of using the Grace Papers' Platform

  • Gain confidence about speaking to your leaders about navigating career and care or family responsibilities.

  • Gain confidence initiating discussions about childcare and non-traditional gender roles and responsibilities at home.

  • Easy online access to our team of professionals, with a customised response

  • Timely reminders at key milestones – no need to keep track yourself

  • Convenience of 24/7 availability – work at your own pace

  • Maintain an important connectedness and contact with DFFH during your parental leave or carers leave.

  • Improve your career pathways, job satisfaction and work/life balance when you return to work.

  • Find a balance between work and life so you can be present in your career and at home with your family

What do you get when you register?

  • Unrestricted access to Grace Papers’ digital coaching platform

  • Personalised career and care coaching

  • Step-by-step guidance through your parental leave, carers leave and return to work journey

  • A welcome digital coaching call to help set your Grace Papers’ Journey up for success

  • On-demand access to Grace Papers’ team for questions or queries

  • Weekly equality, working parent and career empowerment stories and inspiration

  • Access to a supportive community of career professionals, legal experts and seasoned parents that can help you achieve professional and personal success.

Gabrielle Williams

Minister for Mental Health, and Treaty & First Peoples.

The Grace Papers program proves that when we support employers to value care and entrench flexibility, we can create a culture where careers and families thrive.

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“I found the Grace Papers program a wonderful resource. It was well paced with the pre leave, on leave and post leave modules. I particularly found the tasks on reviewing values, considering my parental legacy and my goals for work as useful. The link to the Money Smart Calculator was an excellent addition! I also enjoyed the video clips throughout. Completing the program increased my excitement and confidence to return to work post baby.  My husband also found it useful when I looped him in on the various elements. He wishes he could have completed something similar – especially because he is now on parental leave with the baby (which enables me to return full time)”

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Dr Lisette Collins

NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet 

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