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Research is now tying workplace gender equality directly to profitability, productivity and culture. Smart organisations are closing the gender gap by normalising the retention and promotion of working parents and carers – particularly women. 

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Find out how Grace Papers partnered with Australia's biggest employer, helping them improve gender balance and leverage the full potential of their workforce - whilst managing compliance, reducing discimination and boosting their reputation as an organisation that values care.


Employee Experience Platform

Get the market leading and only independently validated platform that empowers employees – and their leaders – with self-directed learning, communication tools and programs to navigate each phase of their work/life and flex journey, starting with parental leave. Leverage intelligent platform reporting to measure employee engagement and drive a more inclusive workplace culture.

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Executive Coaching for your talent

1-on-1 executive coaching guarantees your parents, carers and people leaders will be more confident, engaged and accountable throughout parent and caring transitions. Grace Papers’ expert coaches use a proven empowerment methodology to motivate and inspire your talent to return to work and advance their careers.

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Gender Equality consulting

Improve employee retention, satisfaction and wellbeing with a strategy that addresses the causes of inequality, not just the symptoms. Consult with Grace Papers compliance and governance experts and build your reputation as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality.

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Why Grace Papers?

The Grace Way

The Grace Papers’ platform, programs and resources are underpinned by The Grace Way Empowerment Model + Gender Equality System, which supports your employees with proven strategies to increase confidence and use their agency. By engaging with Grace Papers, you’ll equip employees to take purposeful action in designing their work and life, keeping them connected to their workplace and career aspirations all the while enabling them to care for self, others and the community.

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Game changing insights

First, we get clear on the problem; then we close the gaps. Grace Papers’ platform uses pulse surveying and coaching insights to measure employee attitudes towards equality, career and flexibility revealing empowerment gaps at employee, leadership and cultural levels in your workplace. Propel your gender equality agenda forward through expert translation of feedback into game-changing insights about your culture.

Expert backed

On paper, we are Diversity and Inclusion experts, Lawyers, and HR professionals. In our hearts, we are human rights advocates. We imagine a world where women and men are equally responsible for the most important decisions at work and at home, and we share our expertise to build high performing workplaces where careers, care and flexibility can thrive, together.

Science based

Don’t leave workplace cultural or social change to chance – ours is the only employee experience platform in the market that is independently validated to both empower employees and drive an accountable and safe workplace culture. By engaging with Grace Papers you are able to leverage the evidence from our partnerships with research organisations that explore how to create more flexible, inclusive workplaces.

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Addressing gender equality in the workplace is complex, and retaining and promoting female talent can be particularly challenging in male-dominated industries. 

Over the past two years, our partnership with Grace Papers has helped show that when we drive the right narrative, right policy and implement the right practical support for working parents – women and men – we can make real progress on closing gender gaps. 

And, having accessed some of the bite sized resources myself as a working parent during lockdown, I can personally attest to the positive impact Grace Papers has on getting the juggle right.

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Nathan Fay

CEO, ExxonMobil

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Build a more equal workplace and create lasting change, today.

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