What is Grace Papers? Well that depends…


If getting pregnant isn’t already hard enough for many women, working mums-to-be then have to hide bouts of morning sickness from their colleagues for up to 12 weeks. Then on top of the acting gig they face the daunting task of having to tell their boss that they’re pregnant. All the while, feeling excited, hopeful and scared to bits. No wonder it often goes pear-shaped. Luckily Grace Papers is here to help.

Recent research by the Australian Human Commission shockingly revealed that almost one in two Australian women experience discrimination in the workplace either during pregnancy, while on parental leave or upon returning to work. But Grace Papers is here to combat these figures. Through our digital programs and supportive community, Grace Papers empowers working mums and dads with the information, strategies, practical advice and self-awareness they need to navigate pregnancy, parenthood and career. Having a family does not have to mean an end to your career. According to founder Prue Gilbert, “There is a vulnerability that pregnant working women have that is rarely discussed and acknowledged. It’s such an emotionally heightened time for women, yet managers – even those with the best of intentions – often don’t know how to deal with pregnancy, so it’s a perfect storm for disappointment. How pregnancy, parental leave and returning to work is handled in the workplace has a massive impact on women’s confidence and their future desire to return to work.’’

So What Is Grace Papers? Our Skill Set Is Different To Others And Our Platform Can Be Many Things, To Many Different People…

Grace Papers is more than just an online program, it’s a set of tools, an education, a challenge, a reflection and a journey. From women thinking about having children to dads wanting to find more balance between their career and family life, our programs are here to support you navigate the transitions between pregnancy, career and parenthood.

a Career Coach

Designed and supported by qualified executive coaches, our programs offer step-by-step support and guidance to ensure you realise your full potential as a working parent. From advice on how to communicate with your manager and negotiate the flexibility you need, to knowing your values and setting a professional vision the Grace Papers programs help you navigate the transition to parenthood and back into the workforce.

a Community

By joining Grace Papers you’ll be given access to our online community. The only peer to peer community where you can connect with other working parents as well as legal and career experts. Share your stories and advice and hear from others who have travelled the path before you. Its a place where working mums and dads can learn from each other and make better, more informed decisions regarding parenting, career and family goals. This support network will help you achieve balance, confidence and success at home and in the workplace.

a Working Parent

Grace Papers was founded by Prue and Ben Gilbert. Working parents who wanted to help other working parents tackle the challenges of navigating career, pregnancy and parenthood. At the time they started Grace Papers the couple had three children under 4. They’d experienced 3 pregnancies, 3 parental leaves and 3 different journey’s across a range of organisations. Together they’d negotiating flexible working hours, taken maternity and paternity leave, managed return to work, redundancy, starting a new business, the flexibility stigma and all while raising three kids. They believed they could build a digital platform to help empower working mums and dads. So they did. They knew the profound impact the Grace Papers program could have and felt a sense of responsibility to create it for women, men and business. Prue, Ben and the rest of the Grace Papers staff are all working parents, passionately committed to changing the working landscape and challenging gender stereotypes for all Australians.

a Supportive Girlfriend

Sometimes you just need a friend to chat to don’t you? And preferably someone with experience dealing with similar issues to those you are facing. That is exactly who Prue Gilbert, co-founder of Grace Papers is, and exactly why Grace Papers was developed. After countless coffees and wines supporting friends navigate their way through pregnancy, transition in and out of the workforce, figure out what they wanted to do with their careers and how to manage bias and discrimination in the workplace – Prue realised that her skills could have a global reach. “So many women have a girlfriend they can workshop baby feeding schedules and sleeping routines with, but what was missing for them was a friend who had an HR or law background to help navigate the difficult manager, the restructure and the biases experienced in the workforce.” says Prue. By using the digital platform Grace Papers guides potential, expectant, new and seasoned parents to discover their professional vision and successfully manage family and career – just like a great girlfriend does.

a Legal Expert

Our digital programs provide working parents with relief navigating a supportive but hard to understand legislative framework. 1 in 2 women will experience pregnancy discrimination while pregnant, on maternity leave or on return to work. You might not think it will happen to you, but chances are it will. Grace Papers can help you know your rights and how best to handle discrimination and workplace bias’, which is why we won the 2014 Australian Human Rights Business Award.

an Advocate for Gender Equality

By empowering women to remain connected to the workforce and giving men the freedom to find more balance between family and career, Grace Papers is working towards achieving equality for both sexes. Our programs challenge the traditional gender stereotypes and force parents and business to address inequality both at home and in the workplace.

a Personalised Journey

We recognise that every journey is unique and that the modern family is all encompassing. Grace Papers informs, educates and guides parents through the the journey of pregnancy and parenthood. It supports you to understand your values and reflect on the career you want to have and the legacy you want to leave.