Tips for surviving the two week wait


The weeks between ovulation and peeing on a stick is a tense time. We give you some tips to make it through the dreaded two week wait.

It’s a complete mind game isnt’ it? That time between ovulation and peeing on a stick (or your period showing up). The waiting, the wondering, the dreaming, the fear, the torment. Unaffectionately known as the two week wait, it’s a time when nothing else in your life seems to matter anymore and you have to pry your body away from the chemist and bargain with yourself to stop taking pregnancy tests on a daily basis. But I’m not here to tell you to stop obsessing during this period (sorry, poor word choice). Because that is just not possible – ESPECIALLY if your potential pregnancy has been stimulated by hormone injections….just ask my husband. I understand the constant mind battle that goes on, oscillating between indulging in motherhood day-dreams and trying to get used to the idea that your family may not continue to grow. So here’s the thing, the two week wait is often tough, but time doesn’t stop. You will get there, you just need to try and stay busy and positive through this obstacle course. And here are my top tips to help you find your way safely to the end.

Keep Busy

In my family, the time-old way to keep busy, handed down from generation to generation, is cleaning. And I can certainly recommend it to help manage those pesky mind games. Who hasn’t got a cupboard that needs cleaning out or a pantry that isn’t need of a make-over? And when was the last time you scrubbed that oven? Go on, get to it.


What is your favourite form of escape? You know, where you are able to forget about the troubles of the day or the pack of tim tams you devoured at 3pm…it might be reading a good book, listening to a podcast or running a marathon. For me its watching movies. I get swept away with the characters and their lives and forget about my own reality – but if movies are your thing too, maybe avoid films like ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ and ‘Knocked Up…

Practise Mindfulness

When you’re lying in bed at 3am and wondering if that ache in your boob was an early sign of pregnancy – or whether it was just a figment of your imagination – try and shift the focus to what is already good in your life. What great things happened to you that day, what are you proud of, who are you greatful for in your life. Try and stay positive.

Release your thoughts

It’s important to get the thoughts out of your body – whether that be through drawing or writing or interpretive dance. Scribble down as much nonsense as you like, draw an abstract picture of how your body feels, or turn the music up and let your emotions run free with the tunes. Redirecting positive and negative thoughts into a tangile form, rather than locking them up in your head, can help make sense of them.

Host a folic acid feast for friends

Why not share the journey with others. Here’s a sample menu for those that aren’t as culinarily inclined as me. Appetizer: roasted asparagus and tahini Soup: black bean Salad: lentil salad Main: brocolli, spinach and zukkini stir fry Dessert: mixed berry salad Beverages: organge juice sprtizer

Share the load

Why do you have to be the only one worry about whether you are pregnant or not? You don’t. Talk to your partner, or a friend. I know these can be very personal and private times, but trust me, there are a HEAP of other ladies out there that have endured the two week wait and can empathise with you.