Privacy Statement

The Grace Papers digital product as well as related forums and applications (together, the “Website”) are owned and operated by Grace Papers Holdings Pty Ltd (ABN 68 104 232 831) of KEW Melbourne (“us”, “our”, “we”).

The following information outlines our Privacy Policy: being the terms and conditions of our Website in relation to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. Personal information is defined as per the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) as being information about an identified individual who is reasonable identifiable whether the information or opinion is true or not and whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not.

By using our Website or any function of our Service you agree to be bound by our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of our Website. This Privacy Policy may be amended and appropriate notification will be given if this occurs.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Website Visitors

You are not required to provide us any information upon visiting our Website. This type of usage may collect non-identifying information from such as your IP address and query information. This information alone cannot usually be used to identify you and its obtainment is lawful.

Registration and User Profiles

In signing up and registering to be a part of our Services you will be required to enter certain personal information such as your name and email. This information will be used and stored by us.

Upon payment for the Grace Papers Program you also will be required to disclose certain payment information. This information may be shared and stored by a third party payment processor such as Paypal.

User Posted Content

The Website, and other associated forums of ours, allows you to post content at your own discretion in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. This information may be collected and used at our discretion subject to our Privacy Policy.

Use of Personal Information

We will not sell or transfer any personally identifiable information to third parties unlawfully. Personal information may be used by us to;

• enhance our ability to provide you with goods and services,
• contact you or respond to your queries,
• display, update and maintain website content,
• tailor your experience of the website,
• send you information about future events, regular email communication or newsletters,
• conduct quizzes and surveys, use survey and quiz responses, and compile survey and quiz reports; and
• compile data for preparation of reports for internal use by us and external presentation to third parties.

Additionally, we may be required to give your personal information, by law, to law enforcement if there has been a legal violation or a violation of our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy.


We may, with prior, express, written consent, collect and publish customer testimonials on our Website or through other platforms. If a user would like their approved Testimonial to be removed they may request this by contacting us at


Providing us with your contact information waives your rights to file complaints concerning unsolicited communications from us. If you desire to unsubscribe from certain communications please contact us at and we will endeavor to remove you from such communication platforms.

Disclosure of Information

User Information

We generally do not disclosure information to third parties unless it is authorized or required by law. Your use of our Website and Service may result in our use of contractors and web hosts in order to ensure the operation, maintenance or improvement of our Website and operations. This therefore means your authorization to such dissemination to third parties is permitted.

This disclosure will be on a confidential basis to agents that we use in the ordinary operation of our business. We will only disclose your information to the extent required for the limited purpose of the third party providing the services. We accept no liability for the actions of any of these third parties and you must take direct legal action against these third parties should they act unlawfully.

Although we endeavour to protect the information we hold about you, we cannot guarantee our systems and stored data will be free from third party interception. No method of online transmission or electronic storage is completely secure. Therefore we do not ensure the security or privacy of your personal information. Further enquires can be sent to us at

User Posted Content

User posted content will also be disclosed to the public and we accept no liability for its dissemination. Users profile access and passwords are the sole responsibility of the user to keep private, therefore all user posting are assumed by us to be legitimate.

Users belonging to an Enterprise License

Grace Papers will provide activity reporting to it’s Enterprise clients on an aggregate basis. Where the client requests, we will identify the user and progress. For expectant users, details will not be provided unless the user has proceeded beyond Step 3.

Other Data

We may disclose aggregated data to third parties assisting us for the purpose of marketing or user experience assessment. This information will not identify you individually.

Data Storage

User Data is stored in databases and servers mainly in Australia. Should the information server be located outside of Australia we will takes such steps as are reasonable to ensure that the overseas recipient does not breach the Australian Privacy Principles.

Your Ability to Access, Change and Remove Your Information

It is your responsibility to advise us of any changes to your personal details to ensure our records remain up to date. Majority of these personal detail changes are open for you to undertake on your profile. You will not be permitted to access all information submitted to our Website. If you wish to review, change or delete any information you have submitted, and are unable to do so yourself online, please contact us on and we will endeavour to respond to your request.

If you do not wish to be present in our data collection please make contact with us to secure your removal from the records.

Cookies and Tracking

We make use of cookies and other technologies of tracking for authentication purposes and to tailor the site to user preferences. Users can control the use of cookies at the individual browser level. Some of our cookies may be accessible by third parties. The rejection of cookies will still enable the use of our Website however some features may be limited.


Our Website may contain authorised advertisements from third parties. The use of cookies and Web beacons to collect non-personally identifiable information about your internet activity to provide targeted advertising is permitted by you. If you wish to opt-out of this targeted advertising operation please contact us at

Social Media Connectivity

Our Website links to, and uses, social media online. The social media platform may collect certain information from visitors and users and your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy policy of the social media company.


Our Website offers blogs and forums for discussion purposes that may be accessible by the public. Any information that you post or provide in these areas will be able to be read, collected and used by others. To request removal of your posted information contact us at and we will best endeavor to remove the cont

Linking Websites Privacy

Our Website may post links to external third party websites over which we have no control of their terms and conditions and privacy policy. We accept no liability for the conduct of these third parties.

Security of Information

We endeavour to secure all your personal and payment information, including any sensitive information in accordance with our statutory obligations, however, due to the nature of the internet and online systems we make no guarantees as to your informational security. Use of computer and virus protections is recommended for your own benefit.

You are solely accountable for maintaining the security of your passwords and/or account information. When your subscription expires, we will continue to retain your personal information so that you may access it. You can manually delete this information to ensure its security.

Further Concerns

If you have any other concerns about how we handle your personal information or require further guidance contact us on

Privacy Policy Amendments

We reserve the right to alter our Privacy Policy, subject to legal restrictions. The date of the policy will be listed as to inform Users and Visitors of the change in policy. If you do not agree to our Privacy Policy you must immediately cease using our Website and notify us of such refusal at