Empowering flexible workplaces

We are fierce advocates for gender equality and human rights. We back that up with practical support for the world’s smarted employers and their people.

Where practical support meets a gender equality movement

Our vision is for a world in which people of all genders are equally responsible for the most important decisions made – in the home and in the workplace.

We are fierce advocates for gender equality and human rights, and back that up with practical support for some of the world’s smartest employers and their people.

Our enterprise platform, coaching and consulting empower,

  • Employers to get the most from their people
  • Parents and carers to stay engaged in work
  • Workplaces to uncover and shift gender biases, and put care at the centre of work.


We want to build a future where workplace structures and systems are built on true flexibility. When you assume that people have caring responsibilities, you create a system that suits all people, and unlock hidden talent, productivity and wellbeing.

Everything we do is seen through an intersectional lens, and grounded in research and evidence. We want to know what works, and do more of it, for all people.

Defining Gender Equality

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and law, making gender equality a human right. Gender Equality refers to “equality of rights, opportunities, responsibilities and outcomes between persons of different genders” (Gender Equality Act, 2020 (Vic)).

We acknowledge that gender is not binary, and people of all genders deserve to reach their potential, free from gender stereotypes, roles or prejudices. 

We recognise that gender inequality does not impact everyone the same way. The intersections of race, ability, religion, sexuality compound and affect different people in different ways. Yet our research shows that when those who have the most to gain from workplace gender equality are empowered, they will, in fact, gain the most.

Where it all began

Grace Papers was founded by Prue and Ben Gilbert in 2010 to forge a more equal future. As we grew our family, we ourselves were pursuing new kids of working and living every day.  

We wanted to challenge traditional stereotypes and provide a platform to empower both working parents and their employers.

Why Grace? ​

Grace is more than our name. It’s deeply connected to our purpose.  

We imagine a world where we approach culture – and each other – with grace. Where what we do doesn’t just matter; it’s how we treat others, as well as ourselves, that makes the difference.

Grace implores us to look for the potential in each other and to maintain grace while under pressure. It is the core value that so many of our clients nominate that they themselves and their teams aspire to.  And it’s quite literally the women – and men – gracing our pages and joining us to forge a more equal future, together.


Today, we are trusted by some of Australia’s smartest companies. 

Our platform offers emotionally-intelligent, evidence-based, targeted and scalable interventions that educate, motivate and empower employees and leaders. 

Day to day, our diversity and inclusion experts translate employee data into game changing insights. These insights drive gender equity and inclusion, which increases employee satisfaction, productivity, performance and profitability.

We support more than 200,000 families through our workplace partnerships, as we evolve workplace policies, practices and norms and empower employees to strike the right balance between career and care, navigate parental leave transitions and approach work/life challenges with grace.

Meet Prue

The Australian Financial Review named her in the top 100 Women of Influence for Diversity and Inclusion in 2018. 

Marie Claire called her the “the anti-discrimination guru”. 

Vogue named her a “Game Changer”.

And her business won the Australian Human Rights Business Award for addressing sex (pregnancy) discrimination.

We call her our founder and CEO.

Prue Gilbert is a lawyer, qualified executive coach and Fellow of the The Governance Institute.

Every day, Prue educates and influences leaders, CEOs, government and ASX-listed businesses as well as the broader community. She is changing a generation of workplaces to enable ambition, careers and care to thrive. 

Prue’s approach balances practical tools and interventions with advocacy and activism. This approach sits at the heart of Grace Papers, and flows through our platform, consulting and executive coaching work.

Outside of Grace Papers, Prue shines a light on issues such as,

  • Gender equality in sport, as an inaugural Advisory Board Member for the AFL Players Association for the Women’s League.
  • Representation of women’s contributions as an inaugural Board Member of A Monument of One’s Own.
  • Sexual harassment, as member of the legal steering committee of NOW Australia.
  • Workplace discrimination for same sex parent, as an advisor to some of Australia’s largest organisations.
  • Everyday sexism in our schools through the #ShareTheGrass campaign.

Meet our team

Ben Gilbert

Operations Director

When Ben’s not out advocating for leaders to embrace flex for themselves, he’s running our business operations. Ben is a commercial strategist with a great interest in public policy. He has over 20 years experience in corporate finance and strategy roles, within the public and private sector. He was most recently CEO of CommsChoice.

Amanda Meehan

Head of Flexibility & Coaching

Amanda has a Masters in Executive coaching and Law and a decade of legal experience supporting dedicated, growth minded, brilliant women to remain connected to their successful careers as they focus on motherhood, and is passionate about supporting them to remain connected to their workplaces and engaged with their careers over the long term.

Kristy Macfarlane

Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Kristy is passionate about building inclusive organisations where all people can thrive. A highly skilled Human Resource Leader, Executive Coach, facilitator and a thought leader in Diversity & Inclusion Kristy has found her purpose in life. Kristy wants to empower others to discover their purpose and anchor to it, so they can be their best self.

Kate Gilson

Head of Client Strategy

Kate is a People & Culture Leader with over 20 years’ experience in HR and leadership; supporting organisations to build a strong people capability and a distinctive culture. Kate supports Grace Papers clients to introduce innovative gender inclusion strategies and cutting-edge policies and practices, as well as coaching key talent through parental leave.

Genevieve Simkiss

Lawyer & Executive Coach

Genevieve is committed to helping individuals integrate work and family to live in alignment with their core values. She believes that organisations that truly embrace diversity and recognise the importance of their human capital will be the industry leaders.

Tegan Sturrock

Head of Digital Coaching

Integrating her expert knowledge in the field of child and adolescent health Tegan combines her 10 + years of educating, researching and consulting with adolescents and their parents with her coaching experience to empower our customers to unlock the benefits of our platform, supporting them through their journey, and empowering them to realise their full potential.

Anna Oxley Rintoul

Executive Coach

Anna Oxley Rintoul is a social enterprise leader and advocate, board member and Principal Coach of Flourish Coaching Australia. She is the Founder of Takes a Village Australia, and mum to three kids with neurodiverse conditions. Anna’s mission is to support families living this ‘extra zing’ life and connect them with experts, advice and love.

Veronica Millen

Executive Coach & Organisational Development Specialist
Veronica has over 20 years’ experience working in Human Resources for large corporations and for the past decade has specialised in executive and career coaching. Veronica is passionate and skilled at working with professionals – across boutique organisations, large corporates, government departments and private clients – to identify and articulate their skills so that they are better able to progress their career.

Jessica O’Brien

Marketing Manager
Jess is a senior digital marketing, communications manager and project manager. She has a decade of experience managing complex campaigns and stakeholders across corporate, startup and government fields. Her approach to marketing starts with honest content approaches that tell the story from diverse perspectives – a methodology that is at the heart of how Grace Papers engages, mobilises and uplifts its community.

Damien Nolan

Business Manager

An accountant by trade, Damien is an experienced business manager and innovator with a lifelong commitment to social change. Most recently he was Director of Jesuit Communications. Damien’s career highlight was taking ‘Fringe Dwellers’ to Cairns film festival in 1987. He was the Executive Producer of the film, acclaimed as being the first Australian production featuring Indigenous actors in all the major roles.

Darcy Vescio


Darcy Vescio is a footballer and creative. She has worked as a creative on a variety of projects with Nike, The Herald Sun and Kellogg’s and has been playing for Carlton in the AFLW for the past 5 years. The blend of being an athlete and creative allows her to bring different perspectives together producing a level of depth and understanding in her work. Darcy has been working at Grace Papers for the past year gaining knowledge around women’s rights and parental leave. She believes in a world where flexible work is the norm – enabling all genders to thrive.

Jackson Bates

Software Engineering Lead

Jackson started his career with 12 years in high school education and quit to become a full time stay-at-home Dad, passing the career baton on to his partner. Now as software engineering lead at Grace Papers, he is committed to fighting the Patriarchy with JavaScript and helping other parents find the balance of priorities that works for them. Jackson also mentors junior developers and career changers through his long-standing association with freeCodeCamp and other local groups to help them overcome bias and gate-keeping that has negatively affected diversity efforts in tech.

Emily Brooks

Contributing writer
Emily J. Brooks is a writer and author of The First Move, an examination of gender equality in modern romance. Formerly, she was the editor of Future Women, an organisation dedicated to the advancement of women, and an associate editor at The Huffington Post Australia. Her work has appeared in Grazia, Elle Australia, Sunday Life, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian Women’s Weekly, among other places. She lives in Sydney. https://www.emilyjbrooks.com/ 

Cooper Viktor

Software Developer

Cooper worked in a bank for 7 years across Coaching and Facilitation, Digital Change Management and Usability Testing roles before taking a career break to study Software Development. While Cooper’s focus shifted to Information Technology, he never lost the passion for Coaching and Change Management. Cooper came to Grace Papers with a passion for LGBTQI and Gender Equality in the workplace and has a lot of pride knowing he creates Software that aims to solve inequality in the workplace.

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