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Our live coaching events help our partners and their people connect and find their voice on the issues that matter. Sessions are virtual, delivered via Zoom, and feature an inspiring range of professionals and industry leaders who share both their expertise and lived experience, as we address everything from career and care to health and happiness. Best of all, the coaching format invites attendees to ask their questions too.


Friday, June 4, 1PM – 2PM
The Great Flex Debate: Accelerating gender equality as we navigate post-pandemic work culture

In honour of Flexible Working Day, our next LIVE coaching on June 4 will explore how we can accelerate gender equality through workplace flexibility as we navigate post-pandemic work culture.

Friday, June 18, 1PM – 2PM
Finding Clarity in the Chaos: How to manage the mental load

In our upcoming LIVE coaching on June 18, we will tackle how to manage the mental load, the importance of setting boundaries, and the value of using rituals of connection to find balance in your days.


Friday, July 16, 1PM – 2PM
Keeping In Touch: How to stay connected while you’re on parental leave

In our upcoming LIVE coaching on July 16, we will explore the concept of Keeping In Touch, and hear from three parents who stayed connected with their careers while on parental leave. 

Friday, July 30, 1PM – 2PM
Friends with Benefits: How female friendship can help you navigate your career

In honour of International Day of Friendship, our LIVE coaching on June 30 will explore the value of female friendship in the workplace, and how you can find your own cohort of support to help you navigate your career.


Friday, August 18, 1PM – 2PM
Embracing Difference: Raising neurodiverse children

In our upcoming LIVE coaching on August 13, we will speak with two women about raising children with neurodiverse conditions, and how their parenting journeys have evolved.

Friday, August 27, 1PM – 2PM
The Art of Negotiation: Knowing your worth and navigating difficult conversations

In our upcoming LIVE coaching on August 27, we’ll give you the strategies to increase your belief in your own worth, and share tactics that give you the confidence to negotiate a promotion, a pay rise, or both.


Friday, September 3, 1PM – 2PM
A Recipe for Equality: How healthy masculinity can foster psychological safety

In honour of Father’s Day, our LIVE coaching on September 3 will explore how healthy masculinity can foster psychological safety at home and at work. 

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