Women We Love: Georgene Huang


We introduce you to Georgene Huang, founder of Fairygodboss and ally to working women everywhere.

When Georgene Huang was pregnant and looking to switch jobs, she wanted to know the maternity leave policies of the companies to which she was applying – but the vast majority of companies do not disclose this information publicly. And roughly 80 percent of working women think that it’s bad form to ask about maternity leave policies during an interview. So how could she know which companies had leave policies that matched her work-family goals? Because she couldn’t find the information she was looking for, Georgene Huang decided to skip the job search and develop a way for more women to get answers to these questions. She partnered with Romy Newman, former head of digital advertising at the Wall Street Journal, and together they created Fairygodboss — an online searchable database of leave policies from thousands of companies. According to Newman, “the directory will benefit women, who can easily learn about and compare the various maternity policies of potential employers, as well companies themselves, since it will allow them to compare their benefits to those of competitors”

The information in the database is crowd-sourced based on anonymous tips and reviews submitted by female employees. While crowd-sourced data isn’t always reliable, Fairygodboss says it’s attempted to be as transparent as possible about the information it receives. When employees report differing policies, the database includes a range of possibilities. After all, it’s not unusual for companies to vary their leave policies based on performance and/or tenure.

While Fairygodboss has only started in the United States, the girls do plan on expanding to other countries in the future.