Are you bored at work?


More than 50% of women are bored at work. So what can we do to feel challenged and engaged once again in our careers?

Are you at work right now? Are you bored? Well if you’re a millennial and a female then you probably are. According to a survey from Udemy, almost 50% of women are bored at work and millennials are two times more likely to be bored than baby boomers.

And boredom at work doesn’t come cheap. It’s an early warning sign of widespread disengagement that can negatively impact an organisation’s bottom line. A high incidence of boredom among segments of the workforce directly impacts performance, morale, and retention. “Actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $450 billion to $550 billion in lost productivity per year,” according to Gallup.

The survey also found that bored workers are twice as likely to jump ship than their non-bored colleagues. This data is consistent with a 2012 Harvard Business Review study which found dissatisfaction with employee development efforts leads to early exits. And of course, replacing employees can be an expensive proposition for any business.

So why all the boredom? Nearly 50 percent or survey respondents felt that they had a lack of opportunity to learn new skills and 44 percent said the work was unchallenging and didn’t use any of their education. Future career opportunities and learning and development are top engagement drivers for workers. If employees do not see a path forward with their organisation, it has a strong impact on whether they stay and strive, or whether they leave.

The solutions?

As well as opportunities to learn new skills, employees want to feel in control of their destiny. Businesses that help their people envision and realise a career development path will not only retain and engage their workforce, but also enhance productivity and business outcomes.

Which is where we come in. Grace Papers digital coaching requires all users to set their professional vision; to take the time to consider the career path they want to take. And then by sharing this vision with their employer, the two can work together to ensure that the employee is working towards that vision for the benefit of both. Great for the bottom line and great to alleviate boredom and ensure a productive and engaged worker.