What I’ve Learned: The importance of defining your values in parenting and career according to Envato’s Claire March


How Claire March achieved the flexibility to pursue her career whilst caring for her family by understanding what’s most important to her

Claire March navigates her role as Vibe Manager at Envato while looking after her two young boys.

With the support of her workplace she has been able to overcome the struggles (burnout, Mum Guilt) that often surface for working parents, and she shares her learnings with others.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your family, and the work you do.

I have two little boys; Charlie who’s 2.5 and Oliver who is 7 months. My partner, Aaron, works full-time as a Director of Accounting. My job is Vibe Manager at Envato, a global tech company, and I’ve been here for 4 years. My role is to ensure everyone at Envato is empowered to do their best work, by providing an awesome, inclusive workplace and environment for the team to thrive. I currently work a four-day week; three full days and then flexible hours spread over two days which allows me to balance work and family.

What’s one strategy that you’ve taken away or put into action after going through the Grace Papers platform?

Defining my personal values was a game-changer. That exercise really helped to hone in on what matters most to me. When you understand what you value, you can make decisions about the priority of those values, and bring them into all aspects of your life. 

What hurdles did you come up against on your journey to balance both career and care? How did you tackle them?

Mum guilt is real! Leaving my then 6-month-old baby at daycare was tough at first and my toddler was also having a hard time settling back in after not attending during Melbourne’s various lockdowns. It creeps in some days when I feel like I haven’t given them enough attention or I’m too mentally exhausted to sing Row Row Row Your Boat for the fifteenth time! I try to overcome the guilt by being kind to myself and giving myself permission to pursue my career; something which I love and I’m really proud of (almost as much as my children!) 

What have you learned about yourself through the process with Grace Papers?

The strategies I’ve put into action have been learning about my personal values through Grace Papers coaching. It has been incredible. Being attentive and fully present in whatever situation I’m in is crucial. Kindness and empathy are also high on my list.

What would be your advice to any manager/leader in terms of enabling their staff to balance both career and care?

Take the time to connect with the parents in your team; actively promote flexible work options which are so important for families negotiating child care, school holidays, pick-ups, drop-offs – everything! Also, manage the process proactively; take an active role in supporting team members who are going on parental leave or returning to work. And the Grace Papers platform and coaching are a great way to get professional support around care and career. 

What words do you live by?

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.”

I love this quote – it reminds me to stay in the moment and appreciate everything that I have.


If you haven’t yet, now is a great time to define your values in the Grace Papers Platform, to help you prioritise what’s most important in your career and care journey.