What is a professional vision and how can Grace Papers help you create one?


A professional vision is kind of like your career navigation system. We tell you how to create one.

At Grace Papers we talk a lot about having a Professional Vision. And in Step 2 of the Grace Papers program you are asked to set yours. But what is it? And how can it help empower YOU?

A professional vision is kind of like your career navigation system. Anchoring you to your values, whilst enabling you to stay true to the dream of what your career could look like, if there were no limitations. It’s an expression of your career ambition and independence, that also reflects your family priorities.

Knowing your ‘why’ for work helps you to define and ultimately negotiate the flexibility you desire without having to compromise on the quality of the work you perform. It can also provide a thoughtful response to those unhelpful people who ask you why you work, or why you don’t. And it actually makes your manager’s job a whole lot easier when you know what YOU want!

Here’s some wisdom from Prue:

“Growing up, I remember other children coming to play and when my Dad would ask them a question about their lunch – would you like vegemite or honey in your sandwich, for example – they’d reply “I don’t mind,” to which my Dad would reply “I don’t either, but you’ve got to eat it, so you choose.”  

“At the heart of my professional vision are my values, and since having my first baby, I’ve used it to stay focused on what I’m ultimately trying to achieve, to perform work that energises me, while at the same time flexing up and down depending on the needs of my family, especially as babies number 2 and 3 arrived.” – Prue Gilbert, CEO of Grace Papers.