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Category: For people leaders

Celebrating Diversity in Sport & Society

Kelly Applebee, Diversity Manager at the AFL Players’ Association, speaks to us about raising her daughters and why diversity is important on and off the pitch.

Fighting For Equal Pay in the AFWL

A conversation with Lauren Arnell, Captain of Carlton Football Club, where we discuss the AFLW pay debate and the fight to give gender inequality the boot.

How to Champion Change in the Workplace

Adam Fennessy, husband, father of three, partner at EY and former public servant for over two decades speaks to us about how we can all take responsibility for championing change.

Privilege for Disadvantage

We share with you the take home messages from the Victorian Lawyers Lesbia Harford address, delivered by Clementine Ford.

Garma Festival- The collaborative paradox

Now in it’s 18th year, Garma attracts an exclusive gathering of political, academic and business leaders from across the globe and is committed to improving the state of Indigenous disadvantage.