Male Champions of Change address Domestic Violence


The Male Champions of Change are Leading the way when it comes to what businesses can do to address the pandemic of domestic violence.

This month, the Male Champions of Change, led by former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick, wrote to Australian businesses, sharing examples from their experience about how to address domestic and family violence. For, as they said, it is impossible to champion gender balanced leadership without understanding and addressing domestic and family violence. They share their 3 level strategy for addressing domestic and family violence.

Here is the letter written by the Male Champions of Change.

“We’re writing to you about domestic and family violence. We want to share what we’ve learned about how we can all play a part in reducing its prevalence and impact. It’s important that you know we’re at the beginning of our own journey, but that we realise urgent responses are required. In 2014, we used the Male Champions of Change’s listening and learning process to deepen our understanding of domestic and family violence. We heard from experts about its nature and prevalence. We met with two courageous women who are survivors of such violence – Rosie Batty and Kristy McKellar – and listened to their stories. We engaged KPMG (pro-bono) to assist in shaping a workplace response.  Gender inequality is both a cause and consequence of domestic violence. We realise now that we can’t champion gender balanced leadership, without addressing domestic and family violence, whose victims are overwhelmingly women.  What did we learn? Which actions help? In this letter, we provide examples from our experience.  We believe that every Australian can act to reduce the prevalence and impact of domestic and family violence. We hope you will join us.”  Access the full report here