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Category: Pregnancy and work

Flexibility and Fatherhood

Julian Tai shares how important EY’s leave policies have been in supporting him to make the most of career and care .

Tabcorp on right track with leave

In order to better assist staff –both male and female — who are grieving a miscarriage or facing fertility struggles, the gambling entertainment group has partnered with one of Australia’s leading support services for early pregnancy loss, Pink Elephants.

Navigating Full-Time Care and Work

Kelly Crosthwaite and her partner Beth have taken turns being the full-time stay-at-home parent as well as the full-time worker. Here, she writes about how they have supported each other, their family and the important role her workplace has played.

Dismantling the maternal wall

There are more than 20 lab studies that prove the existence of the maternal wall. What do workplaces have to do to dismantle it and increase female representation in leadership?

Women Rising

As we #pressforchange in 2018 Prue reflects on the power that comes from women supporting women.

Dear Future Daughter

I want to tell you a story, a story about me, your mum, because I think it is important.