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Category: Finding Joy in the Juggle

Motherhood no cop out for Emma Bartel

“I now know that a member’s value does not diminish when they become a parent and they can return to fulfilling and meaningful work that can also be in balance with family priorities.”

Job Sharing: How it works

Innovative thinking from a leader determined to keep his female talent, Daniel Proietto, Head of the Employment Practice at Lander & Rogers, heard about a successful job-share from one of his clients, and pitched it to long-term colleagues, Amie Frydenberg and Emma Purdue.

Navigating Full-Time Care and Work

Kelly Crosthwaite and her partner Beth have taken turns being the full-time stay-at-home parent as well as the full-time worker. Here, she writes about how they have supported each other, their family and the important role her workplace has played.

Why keeping in touch is good for your brand

Keeping in touch is good for your personal brand, and is a great way to reduce the likelihood of losing your confidence and missing out on potential opportunities while you are on parental leave. Find out why and how you can make the most of it.

Don’t settle for leftovers

We explain why its crucial that when returning to work mothers ensure that they stay true to their professional vision