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Category: Finding Joy in the Juggle

Flying Solo – A winding road to empowered single parenting

Dr. Emma Fulu appeared to have it all. An international career working for the United Nations, a happy marriage, three children. She was doing what she loved. Her life appeared perfect on paper, but reality told a different story. She didn’t last a year before she “totally and utterly burnt out”.

From Little Things, Big Things Grow

As we attempt to thrive – not just survive – in the juggle that is 2020, Grace Papers reveals some small rituals of connection that will have a big impact for parents and children in (or out) of lockdown.

A Recipe for Equality

This session put gender stereotypes on the chopping block, exploring the notion of healthy masculinity and how dads can actively dismantle gender inequality through engagement in the household.

Making History: Her Story

Rebecca Forgasz is indomitable. Associate Professor, climate activist, and mum to two small sons, she simply gets things done. Today we speak with Rebecca about her path to the peak of her profession, grace versus gravitas, and the interchangeable approach to parenting she practices with her partner, Debbie Kertesz.

Two Heads are Better than One

Kristyn Hanna and Claire Sherwill from Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services share their tips for a working job-sharing relationship

A Firm Approach to Flexibility

Research shows that employees who can balance their lives are happier and more productive, with organisations like EY leading the way.

Tips for Managing Employees Taking Parental Leave

With one in two women continuing to experience some form of pregnancy related discrimination, its evident that in Australia employees taking parental leave are managed poorly. So here are some of our top tips for employers supporting pregnant staff members and those returning to work.