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2021 has been hard. But it was also filled with so. much. hope.

There is no question that the challenges of 2021 have been unprecedented (and are far from over), but I’m of the firm belief that it hasn’t been all doom and gloom. In fact, I think it has been a time of reckoning, surprising us with the gift of clarity and visibility of human rights issues.

Exhausted? How Grace Papers can help

We share some steps to help foster healthier workplaces and prevent burnout by assisting leaders in caring for themselves and exhausted employees.

Career and care during a public health crisis

In the midst of our public health crisis, feelings of fear and uncertainty continue to dominate our lives. However, we can also identify opportunities to make positive changes – and act with leadership and grace.

Life in iso: Blurred Lines

Since workplaces and the education system requisitioned our homes last month, just where work and school/learning begins and ends is a mystery. Kids, pets and partners are part of our team meetings (dressed or not); and most of us can’t even remember what day it is. Put simply, the boundaries have become blurred…

Your vision for family life in lockdown…

If parenting in the time of the coronavirus has done one thing, it’s made simple schedules more difficult and busy schedules more… impossible. This blog contains a short exercise from Module 1, Lesson 2 of Grace Papers’ Joy in the Juggle: Full House Edition designed to give you back some control over your life and household routines for next weeks, months and beyond!