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Tag: parental leave

We need to talk about 2020 – A message from our CEO Prue Gilbert

At Grace Papers, we’ve welcomed the summer break as a time for reflection, relaxation and reconnection. We also took advantage of the quieter period to reimagine our vision for the future of work ensuring that technological advances and workplace transformations advance the agenda of gender equality, in particular as that agenda for and of working parents. Read Prue’s thoughts and vision here.

Annabel Crabb has daddy issues

In the September 2019 Quarterly Essay, Annabel Crabb explores why men aren’t taking parental leave, and what needs to change. A table of working dads on parental leave joined Grace Papers co-founder Ben Gilbert for lunch with Annabel Crabb and Jamilla Rizvi.

Why keeping in touch is good for your brand

Keeping in touch is good for your personal brand, and is a great way to reduce the likelihood of losing your confidence and missing out on potential opportunities while you are on parental leave. Find out why and how you can make the most of it.

Dismantling the maternal wall

There are more than 20 lab studies that prove the existence of the maternal wall. What do workplaces have to do to dismantle it and increase female representation in leadership?