The Grace Papers platform has all the features
to support working parents

How will Grace Papers support you?

Need to tell your boss you’re pregnant? Our program will guide you through with step by step support from legal and HR experts.

Childcare and Gender Equality

Worried that the person performing your role will be better than you, or that your role is going to be made redundant? Let us help you.

Looking for flexibility or a part-time arrangement, or just your old job back? We have specific support just for you.

“Being connected to my values and professional vision enables me to overcome the day-to-day challenges of being a working mother, and gives me the freedom and independence to continue doing what I love.”

Prue Gilbert, CEO Grace Papers

Personalised and Digital

The Grace Papers journey is tailored to your needs and takes digitally on your mobile phone or desktop computer. Learn through a series of short digital courses that become available as your pregnancy progresses.


Grace Papers is designed and led by legal, human resource, financial and psychological industry leaders. Importantly, we are working parents too.

CEOs Gender Gap mother's guilt


The Grace Papers platform includes an online community where you can share stories, seek advice and offer support.



We can help you realise your professional and personal potential. Our Ask Grace feature also gives you personalised advice and support.  




“I had a great relationship with my boss so I thought she’d handle my pregnancy news well. Unfortunately, I was wrong. But using Grace Papers meant that I knew my rights and I was able to return to my same position, when I wanted to.”

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“Grace Papers gives you time and the energy to invest in your own future. It made me realise I can be of worth, not just as a mother but also as a working woman.” 


“I registered to Grace Papers before I got pregnant. It was the best decision of my pregnancy. I used all of the tools to negotiate my leave and get the flexibility my husband and I needed. I really entered the whole process blind so I feel lucky that my friend referred me to Grace Papers so early.”

Are You Prepared?

Are you prepared to manage your career and pregnancy? Are you planning to get pregnant? On maternity leave? Or returning to work?


Take our quick quiz today to find out what you need to do to transition in the best possible way.