Managing pregnancy and career is complicated. Grace Papers makes it easy to empower employees and enjoy confidence in return.

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Grace Papers delivers award winning coaching, consulting and parental leave transition support to some of Australia’s best known businesses.

Find out how we can help you retain your most valuable assets: your people.

Staff turnover costs
Australian business
$20 billion per annum

The business case for investing in the retention of employees as they navigate parental leave makes sense. Yet turnover remains high, impacting your bottom line directly. Ask us for our pregnancy calculator to find calculate the return on investment from the Grace Papers digital platform. 

Tailored digital solutions

Our digital programs empower working parents to navigate career and family using interactive and engaging professional development tools, video and live chats. 
A corporate license provides your staff with unrestricted access to our programs for mums and dads, including real time support for managers. 
And because our platform is available anytime, anywhere, you can provide equity of access to all your staff in a way that delivers a consistent standard of excellence.

Our online programs are intuitive and engaging with fun activities delivered in “byte size sessions”.

Our program for Mums equips them with the right tools, to have the right  conversations, at the right time from before they tell their boss they’re pregnant, through to their return to work after parental leave.
Our program for Dads enables them to reimagine what it means to be a working father, and create a life that enables them to fulfil their career and parenting dreams.

Winner, Australian Human Rights  Business Award, 2014

Diversity Compliance & Strategy Advice
We support leaders to drive gender equality.

Grace Papers delivers a holistic approach to achieving gender equality- from audit and development of strategy across 5 key areas:

Leadership | Engagement | Culture | Reputation | Accountability 

Our award winning approach is informed by legislative frameworks, together with a traditional empowerment framework developed specifically to drive social change.  

woman proposing flexibility
woman returning to work parental leave
Coaching and Workshops

Our 1:1 coaching unleashes ambition and builds confidence, using practical strategies to address gendered expectations and hatch a plan to reach their potential, personally and professionally.


iLead – move beyond unconscious bias; equip your leaders with a vision and the skills to transform limiting beliefs about equality, and take personal responsibility for driving a diverse & inclusive culture.

iFlex – Practical, experiential workshops that empower managers to understand the business case and create a vision for flexibility, bust the limiting beliefs, and leverage the benefits of a productive and engaged workforce.

Lauren Jauncey

“Prue Gilbert from Grace Papers has coached me to own and drive my career as I have transitioned to and from maternity leave. I have learnt how to have the right conversations at the right time (at home and at work) to navigate my pregnancy and career.

Grace Papers has empowered me to truly understand and appreciate the  value I bring and to take on a career that I love as well as be the mum I want to be to my three daughters.”

Lauren Jauncey.
Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Australia Post.

Empower your staff
during pregnancy

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  • Increase awareness of gender equality

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Grace Papers has been adopted by the world’s leaders in driving gender equality

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